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Budgeting can always be a tricky decision, and there are no clear, absolute guidelines for how much to spend on a promise ring for her – that special woman you want to commit to, even if the time isn’t quite right yet for a more formal engagement ring. With careful consideration, however, you can choose the perfect promise ring no matter what your budget.


In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • About Promise Rings
  • The Purpose Of A Promise Ring
  • How Much To Spend On A Promise Ring?
  • Cost
  • Debt
  • Budget
  • Choosing A Promise Ring For Her

About Promise Rings

When a ring is given to symbolize a commitment, it becomes a promise ring. The ring may be exchanged between the individuals involved in the commitment or may be given to represent a broader promise to oneself, to a group, or to a community. Promise rings are the physical reminders and celebrations of these promises, showing the devotion of that commitment in a way that can be easily seen and shown to others.



The Purpose of a Promise Ring

For many couples, a promise ring is a precursor to an engagement ring. This preliminary piece of jewelry, however, should not compete with or be confused for a true engagement ring, and is typically smaller and less elaborate than a traditional engagement ring. Promise rings may feature gemstones rather than diamonds, or would use much smaller diamonds or even diamond chips.

While a promise ring often signifies an intent to become engaged and eventually married, these highly symbolic rings could also represent a different type of promise. It might be a promise of friendship, a sign of a promise to support one another, or any promise of a different type, such as a promise to quit smoking, complete a recovery program, or fulfill any other sort of vow. 

For romantic couples, a promise ring might be given instead of an engagement ring when a couple is very young and not yet in a position to even begin the earliest of wedding planning. This might be due to a long distance relationship, military deployment, or a desire to finish college or an advanced program – such as medical school – before officially becoming engaged. In these cases, a promise ring can be a very meaningful option as a placeholder for a future engagement ring.


How Much to Spend on a Promise Ring?


There is no right or wrong answer for how much is appropriate to spend on a promise ring, as everyone’s budget is different. Ideally, a couple would have discussed finances and financial planning before getting to the point of considering a promise ring, and therefore would have some idea about debts, expenses, and income expectations before making this purchase.

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A promise ring should cost significantly less than the future engagement ring, and in no way should be a debt burden to the couple. Considering other factors such as existing debts and expenses, costs to plan a future wedding, and even the expected cost of an engagement ring can all be part of the budgeting for a promise ring.



One easy way to plan how much you should spend on a promise ring for her is to consider the cost of a typical date or gift at the current state of the relationship. Spending an amount similar to 1-2 dates or gifts on the promise ring will likely keep the budget within reason, but still permit enough for a lovely promise ring that will suit the couple’s means. There are beautiful promise rings available for less than $100 to rings that cost $1,000 or higher, and only you can decide what budget is reasonable and appropriate for this type of jewelry.


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Choosing a Promise Ring for Her?

When choosing a promise ring, no matter what the budget, be sure to take into account that special woman’s individual style. Consider the type of metal she prefers, overall ring design, preferred gemstone or diamond shape, or even if a colored gemstone would be a better choice than a diamond. In fact, some lovely promise rings feature knots, filigree, milgrain or other metalwork and no gems at all.

Most importantly, take great care that the promise ring cannot be confused for an engagement ring. If the person receiving the ring first believes it to be an engagement ring, this could lead to hurt feelings and broken trust. Likewise, if other friends or family members mistake a promise ring for an engagement ring, there could be even more confusion about the relationship and future planning and commitment.

Overall, promise rings are simpler than other diamond ring styles – after all, if the promise is real, eventually there will be a more elaborate engagement ring, wedding ring, and even anniversary rings to come, celebrating the promise as it evolves through a loving and committed relationship.


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