January Birthstone - The Definitive Guide (2023)

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January is a chilly month, but is easily warmed by its sizzling birthstone, garnet. Colorful and distinctive, this semi-precious gemstone has gorgeous symbolism for January and is a beautiful choice for year-round wear.


In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • About the January birthstone
  • Color variations
  • Garnet meaning & symbolism
  • Capricorn & Aquarius
  • Royalty & wealth
  • Crystal uses
  • Healing properties
  • How to care for your January birthstone?
  • January birthstone jewelry
  • Choosing the January birthstone

    About The January Birthstone

    Garnets are a silicate mineral, also called carbuncle. These are widespread semi-precious gems that have been used as decorative accents as well as abrasives since the Bronze Age, approximately 3000 BC. The origin of the word garnet is related to medieval Latin for pomegranate, in reference to the gem’s most typical rich red coloration, similar to both the husk and colorful seeds of the delicious fruit. These stones are widespread throughout the world – silicate minerals make up nearly 90% of the earth’s crust – and garnets are mined in many places. The United States, Canada, Brazil, India, South Africa, Kenya, Italy, and many other countries produce significant quantities of garnets, though most are put to industrial uses rather than cut and polished for jewelry.


    Color Variations

    The classic garnet shade is a deep, rich, crimson red, but these gems actually come in a wide variety of hues. Not only can the red coloration vary from very pale and pinkish to orange-red or yellow-red, but garnets also come in completely different colors depending on the other elements present in their crystal structure. Garnets may be pure orange, yellow, green, purple, black, blue, or brown. Some colors of garnets are so prized they have specific names. A rose-red garnet, for example, is called rhodolite, while a golden orange-red garnet is spessartite. Green garnets are called demantoid, bold fuchsia pink-red garnets are pyrope, brown garnets are almandine, and there are many other names for different color variations.


    Garnet Meaning & Symbolism

    Garnet is the traditional January birthstone, but these gems have many other meanings as well...

    • Capricorn & Aquarius

    Garnets are associated with the Zodiac birth signs Capricorn (December 21 to January 20) and Aquarius (January 21 through February 8), due to overlapping the birthstone month. These are also the classic stones paired with the second wedding anniversary as a couple’s love deepens, signified by the deeper red color of a traditional garnet. These red stones are also alternative selections for the sixth and nineteenth wedding anniversaries.


    • Royalty & Wealth

    Garnets have long been associated with wealth, nobility, and royalty. Because of their abundance and relative ease to find good quality stones, garnets have been used for ornaments and jewelry in many ancient civilizations, including in Egypt, Sumeria, Rome, and Greece.


    Crystal Uses

    Garnet crystals are often incorporated into meditation to improve focus and stability. These stones have long been used as protective talismans, and are believed to help improve confidence and compassion. When used appropriately, garnets may help with past life recall, and can cleanse chakras to improve personal and spiritual balance.


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    Healing Properties

    As a healing stone, garnet’s deep red color is often associated with the heart and the purification of blood, as well as cleansing the liver and kidneys. Depending on how it is used, the crystal is also known for boosting the immune system and improving circulation. Garnet is also said to stimulate metabolism, and is sometimes thought to aid in better sleep and ease depression.


    How To Care For Your January Birthstone?

    Before you try any special care, cleaning or adjustments for a garnet ring, a thorough, professional inspection is essential. A jeweler experienced with garnet rings or any gemstone ring can spot any potential weaknesses or excessive wear in the setting that could lead to stone loss or misalignment.


    January Birthstone Jewelry

    Garnets have been cut and polished for use in jewelry for centuries, with exquisite garnet pieces recorded as far back as medieval times. The boldly colored gem was especially popular in the Victorian and Art Deco periods, and is often paired with pearls for extra luster or diamonds for enhanced sparkle. Garnets are especially lovely when mounted in yellow gold, as the warm tones of the gold are an exquisite complement to the fiery red hues of the gem.


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    Choosing the January Birthstone

    Discover the beauty in the January birthstone as well as our collection of January birthstone jewelry and you'll soon agree that every garnet ring has precious qualities that make it unique and stunning.

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