1950s Engagement Rings


      In the 1950s, the country and economy flourished, allowing people to create a life full of modern luxuries. If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that maintains the charm of this iconic and luxurious decade, you’ll find it within our collection of breathtaking 1950s engagement rings.

      Defining Features

      The decade that followed World War II was one of great prosperity. Although mid-century styles vary greatly, these standout features can often be found in rings from the 1950s:

      • Diamonds Reign Supreme. Thanks to the continued success of marketing campaigns, women everywhere dreamed of receiving a sparkling diamond engagement ring from their beloved. This trend was relatively new at the time, but it is why most engagement rings even today feature diamond center and accent stones.
      • Sleek, Stackable Styles. Stackable eternity bands came into fashion thanks in part to the glamorous Audrey Hepburn. After she received a trio of stackable styles from her fiancé, the practice became popular with the public.
      • Variety of Cuts. Advances in technology revolutionized the way that diamonds were cut and engagement rings were crafted. During the 1950s, square cut, Asscher cut, marquise cut, and many other unique diamond cuts started to become popular.
      • Simple Solitaires. Diamond solitaires remain one of the most popular engagement ring styles today. This simple design became extremely popular in the 1950s and is now viewed as a traditional engagement ring style.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      Wonderfully retro in design, engagement rings from the mid-century are accompanied by a unique sense of nostalgia. The jewelry you find within our curated collection of 1950s engagement rings are sure to sweep your beloved off their feet.

      34 products

      34 products