11 Best Wedding Bands For Women - Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Bands (2022)

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A wedding band is a classic symbol of matrimony and the commitment made between two people. Wedding bands for women have an even richer history and today reflect not just a marital bond, but also a woman’s personal style and preferences.



About Wedding Bands for Women

• History

From simple copper and iron wedding bands exchanged in ancient Egyptian and Roman cultures to gold rings that indicated a man’s worth to his bride-to-be’s family to matching men’s and women’s wedding rings popular in World War II when newly married couples were separated by military service, wedding bands have long been intimately symbolic pieces of jewelry. Diamonds and gemstones began to be incorporated into wedding rings in the late 1940s and the early 1950s, and today, there is a wide variety of wedding bands for women, in all styles and designs.


• Metal

A wedding band may be any color of gold or could be a different precious metal, or not even metal at all as wood wedding bands and other materials can make lovely options. Women’s wedding bands may incorporate diamonds or other gemstones, or could have intricate metalwork, personalized engraving, or other features. Understanding the different wedding ring designs can help any woman choose which band best suits her style and one she will be happy to wear for many anniversaries to come.


Women’s Wedding Band Designs

Wedding bands for women range from simple to ornate, and may be fashioned in any style a woman prefers. Some wedding bands match an engagement ring, while others are worn solo. Popular design styles of women’s wedding bands include:


• Wedding Band

Typically, the term “wedding band” applies to simpler, metal-only styles, without diamond or gemstone embellishments. A wedding band may still have metalwork details, such as milgrain edging, scallops, or carvings, or the ring could be shaped as a wave, twist, or braid. Wedding bands may or may not be worn with an engagement ring.


• Wedding Ring

A “wedding ring” more commonly applies to rings set with diamonds or other gemstones. The setting options include bezel, channel, and pave designs, and while some rings have scattered stones, others have closely set stones for even more glitter.


• Eternity Ring

An eternity wedding ring is a specialized diamond wedding ring where the stones are closely set together and encircle the entire ring, with no obvious back or front sides and sparkle from every angle. These rings are ideal as wedding rings, and are also popularly called anniversary bands.


• Gemstone Bands

Like wedding rings that feature diamonds, gemstone bands also have glittery stones set into the band, but they are colored gems rather than diamonds. This can be a way for a woman to express additional symbolism in her wedding ring, such as the month of the wedding or her birth month. Some women also choose gemstones for their symbolism related to weddings, such as rubies for romance, emeralds for truth, or sapphires for fidelity.


• Bridal Sets

These wedding bands for women are designed as an integrated set with both the engagement ring and the wedding ring, and are usually purchased together. The rings are designed to come apart for a simpler engagement ring, and are often soldered together just before or after the wedding to create one solid ring with all the stones properly aligned.


• Bridal Wraps

This style of wedding band “wraps” around the engagement ring to frame it as a centerpiece when the wedding ring and engagement ring are worn together. A wrap usually has extra diamond accents and is a way to create a bridal set even if the rings weren’t initially purchased as a coordinated set.


• Anniversary Bands

Anniversary bands are a beautiful way to mark a special anniversary. Most anniversary bands mark a milestone, such as a 5th, 10th, or other noteworthy year. A vintage anniversary band could mark any year you want to make a special occasion.


• Solitaire Enhancer

Diamond enhancer wedding bands are meant to be worn alongside an engagement ring, but usually just to one side. Depending on the engagement ring’s style and the size of its center stone, an enhancer band may be straight, or may be curved or contoured to fit snuggly next to the ring but without being rubbed or hidden by the engagement ring.


• Stacking Bands

Stacking rings are multiple thin, delicate rings meant to be worn together but without being soldered together. Because the rings are loose, they can be rearranged and different bands can be added or subtracted for different occasions or as a woman’s style changes. As a wedding ring, stacked bands may have one or two rings that always remain in the stack, but others are changed out as desired. This create a very fluid and flexible style great for women who like different options.


• Inspired Rings

Wedding bands can be inspired by different influences, such as celebrities, royalty, television shows, movies, nature, history, and more. When a woman loves a certain style, an inspired wedding band can give her a personal connection to the style that has had a tremendous influence on her personal flair.


• Vintage Wedding Bands

Antique and vintage wedding bands are a spectacular option for many women, with rich histories and time-honored designs. Women may choose from different design eras that appeal to them, or choose vintage styles that offer a personal connection, such as commemorating a grandparents’ or great-grandparents’ relationship.


Choosing a Women's Wedding Band

While these styles are general descriptions of the types of wedding bands for women, different jewelers may use different terms interchangeably. Understanding the various styles, however, can help any bride-to-be choose a wedding ring that will best suit her jewelry preferences and look fabulous on her finger for many happy years to come.


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