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While it is traditional in many areas to wear an engagement ring on the left hand, many brides-to-be realize their engagement ring may be better suited to their right hand. Choosing the best engagement ring styles for right hands is easy, and these rings are just as lovely, meaningful, and romantic as any left hand engagement ring.


In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • Why Engagement Rings Are Worn On The Right Hand?
  • Risk Of Damage
  • Symbolic Gesture
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Considerations For Right Hand Engagement Rings
  • Dominant Hand Damage
  • Different Finger Sizes
  • Misunderstandings
  • Choosing The Best Engagement Rings For The Right Hand

Why Wear an Engagement Ring on the Right Hand?

There are many reasons why you may want to wear your engagement ring on the right hand rather than the left...

• Risk of Damage

Individuals who are left-handed may prefer to wear an engagement ring on their non-dominant hand to minimize the risk of damage as they use that hand more rigorously. For some people, the left hand may not be available due to injury or disability.


• Symbolic Gesture

Wearing the engagement ring on the right hand can also be a symbolic gesture. In some gay and lesbian communities, a right-hand engagement ring is symbolic of their union even if the couple has been unable to make a legal commitment. Some couples also choose to wear engagement and wedding rings on their right hands to symbolize an open marriage and a willingness to engage in infidelity.

• Cultural Heritage

Different cultures may also traditionally wear engagement rings on the right hand. In Poland, Greece, India, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Colombia, Venezuela, and several other countries, the right hand is the more traditional choice for wearing engagement rings. Even if couples do not live in those countries, they may choose to honor their cultural heritage with how they wear engagement rings.


Considerations for Right Hand Engagement Rings

A right hand engagement ring can be any design, from the simplest solitaire  to the most elaborate antique engagement ring. There are some practicalities to consider when choosing an engagement ring for the right hand, however.

• Dominant Hand Damage

If you are right-handed but want to wear your engagement ring on the right hand, be aware that the ring may suffer more damage because that hand is used extensively for reaching, gripping, and holding. This means the ring may be nicked, scuffed, or scratched more easily than if it was worn on the non-dominant hand. To minimize the wear on the ring, choose a stronger, more durable metal such as platinum. Similarly, consider ring settings that will provide more protection to the stone, such as bezel or channel settings.


Different Finger Sizes

If you have already measured your left hand for an engagement ring, it is important to note that your right ring finger may be a different size. The dominant hand is often slightly larger than the non-dominant hand because of the extra use that helps develop its muscles. While the size difference may not be visually apparent, it can be enough that a ring sized for one hand may not fit the other. Be sure to have your ring finger carefully measured on whichever hand you plan to wear your engagement ring.


• Misunderstandings

Because most brides-to-be wear their engagement rings on the left hand, there may be misunderstandings if you opt to wear the ring on the right hand, especially if you choose a gemstone engagement ring or an otherwise non-traditional design. It may be useful to explain to close friends and family members why you choose to wear your engagement ring on the right hand to avoid uncomfortable judgements and misconceptions.


Choosing the Best Engagement Ring for the Right Hand

No matter why you prefer to wear your engagement ring on the right hand, you can choose any engagement ring style, design, or motif you prefer. Consider your finger proportions and how the ring will look on your right hand, and try on a variety of styles before settling on which type of ring appeals to you most. If you will still wear your wedding ring on the left hand, you may prefer a larger, more elaborate engagement ring that can stand on its own even after the wedding, such as a beautiful Victorian engagement ring or other intricately detailed antique design.

At the same time, be aware of your budget and take steps to make your engagement ring a wise investment. Consider the deeper meaning of the ring’s style, the diamond shape, and any accent details to ensure it is richly symbolic of the relationship it represents. Ultimately, however, the very best engagement ring style for your right hand is any ring you love and that represents the love you share with your significant other. No matter which hand will wear the ring, its symbolism will always be a wonderful connection between a committed couple.


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