Cartier Exhibit Stunners

The famed firm, started in the mid 1800’s, is having what will mostly be an amazing exhibit in Paris this December. The show will retrace the renowned jeweler’s incredible history through 600 of its most famous pieces, and will be held in the City of Light’s famed Grand Palais until Feb. 16th 2015. The history we learned was embedded in many of these works is astounding, so here are our favorites out of all those we are sure will be shown!


Inside the Grand Palais (literally: great palace) in Paris.


One of the highlights of the show will definitely be the ‘Halo Scroll’ tiara, worn most recently by Kate Middleton during her wedding to prince William. It was originally acquired by King George VI for his wife in 1936, three weeks before his coronation, and was later passed on as 18th birthday to their daughter – now known as Queen Elizabeth II.




Another magnificent piece is this regal necklace manufactured by Cartier’s London workshops in 1932 in a very Indian style, and belonged to the Countess of Granard. It is made of platinum, emeralds and diamonds!




Undoubtedly one of the more statement-inclined pieces, this naturalistic snake necklace was commissioned by Mexican actress María Félix in 1968. Though it contains 2473 diamonds it is completely bendable like a normal necklace, and its belly is made of enamel to make it more comfortable to wear – so despite appearances, it was definitely made to be worn!




One of Cartier’s most famous pieces, this platinum and diamond panther brooch was created in 1949 and purchased by the Duchess of Windsor. The cat rests atop a stunning 152 carat Kashmir sapphire!


Finally, this 1958 Rigide Panthère bangle bracelet is clearly another showstopper and was owned by eccentric supermodel Nina Dyer. It is made of platinum, white gold, single-cut diamonds, sapphire cabochons, marquise cut emeralds and onyx (for the nose!).

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