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Antique Amethyst ring


The stunning amethyst is a distinctive birthstone for February, with great significance for the month and rich with meaning for any February birthdate, anniversary, other special occasion. But amethyst’s beauty extends far beyond one month, and the more you know about this gorgeous gemstone, the more you will want to wear it every day of the year.


In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • What is the February birthstone?
  • February birthstone color variations
  • February birthstone formation
  • February birthstone meaning & symbolism
  • Zodiac signs by the month: Aquarius & Pisces
  • Royalty symbolism
  • 6th and 60th year anniversary
  • Fantasy & calmness symbolism
  • February birthstone crystal uses
  • February birthstone healing properties
  • February birthstone care tips
  • February birthstone jewelry
  • Choosing the February birthstone

    What is the February Birthstone?

    Amethyst is a form of quartz (silicon dioxide), with iron infused within its tetrahedral crystalline structure that, when exposed to radiation, gives the stone its characteristic purple color. With a broadly uniform crystal structure, amethyst is easy to find in larger carat sizes, and these stones are mined worldwide.

    Excellent quality amethyst is frequently found in Brazil, Russia, Sri Lanka, Namibia, and Morocco, though fine quality stones are also found in Mexico, Canada, the United States, Uruguay, India, Austria, and many other active mines. Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust, making it easily found and widely available. This broad availability has made amethyst one of the most commonly used semi-precious gemstones for centuries.


    February Birthstone Color Variations

    While purple is the only color for amethyst, the stone actually comes in many different purple shades, ranging from very light whitish-lilac to a deep, rich, dark purple or violet-black hues. Undertones may be reddish or bluish, giving even more dimension to the stone’s coloration. Those undertones are caused by different impurities and trace elements in the stone's crystal structure, and vary based on the overall composition of the gem.


    February Birthstone Formation

    Natural radiation enhances amethyst’s color, and over time the stone’s color can change. Some amethysts may become lighter or look washed out as they age, but that can give a delicacy and airiness to vintage jewelry. Amethysts with the darkest purple and red undertones are the rarest color combination, and therefore often considered the most valuable. Other hues can be equally attractive, however, and should be considered for their own individual beauty.


    February Birthstone Meaning & Symbolism

    As the February birthstone, Amethyst combines the serenity of blue with the passion of red, creating a balance that symbolizes sincerity, peace, and calmness.


    • Zodiac Signs By The Month: Aquarius & Pisces

    Amethysts are associated with two Zodiac birth signs Aquarius (January 21 to February 18) and Pisces (February 19 through March 20), due to overlapping the birthstone month.


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    • Royalty Symbolism

    These gemstones have been popular for millennia, particularly in ancient Egypt as early as 2000 BC and with royalty in the Middle Ages. The deepest purple shades are most often associated with royalty, often because anything dyed a deep purple was exclusive and expensive, making purple gems even more desirable.


    6th and 60th Year Anniversary

    In addition to being the official February birthstone, amethyst is also the gemstone associated with the sixth and seventeenth wedding anniversaries.


    • Fantasy & Calmness Symbolism

    The deep, rich purple of high quality amethyst is often symbolic for fantasy and magic, but that isn’t the only meaning behind such a glorious purple color. Amethyst combines the serenity of blue with the passion of red, creating a balance that symbolizes sincerity, peace, and calmness.


    February Birthstone Crystal Uses

    Because of amethyst’s emotional associations, the crystal is often used as part of meditations or prayers, and smaller amethysts are often fashioned into prayer beads. This is particularly popular in Tibet as part of the Buddhist faith. Believed to be a natural tranquilizer, an amethyst crystal can facilitate a calming state, and these stones are also believed to help foster creativity, increase wealth, and promote personal balance. To do so, raw, polished, or faceted amethyst is often used in pendants or protective amulets.


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    February Birthstone Healing Properties

    This widespread stone also has purported healing properties, and was once associated with encouraging sobriety and resisting the effects of drunkenness. In fact, wine goblets were often carved from large chunks of amethyst or adorned with amethyst crystals to harness the stone as an antidote to alcohol. Other healing properties associated with amethyst include tissue regeneration and promoting general healing, as well as relieving stress, anxiety, or grief. Amethyst is said to reduce heartrate and improve cardiac health, as well as boost hormone production.


    February Birthstone Care Tips

    Before you try any special care, cleaning or adjustments for an amethyst ring, a thorough, professional inspection is essential. A jeweler experienced with amethyst rings can spot any potential weaknesses or excessive wear in the setting that could lead to stone loss or misalignment.


    February Birthstone Jewelry

    With so many uses for this widespread and easily available gem, it is no surprise that amethyst has been a popular choice for many vintage rings and other jewelry pieces. Setting amethyst in silver or white gold helps showcase its pure color, while yellow or rose gold settings will enhance any red tones in the gem’s crystal structure. Many amethysts are set with diamond accents for additional sparkle, and these stones are especially popular in Art Deco rings not only for their bold color, but also because the larger gems can be easily cut to show off the iconic geometry of the era. Look for vintage amethyst jewelry in cocktail rings, pendants, earrings, brooches, and other outstanding pieces to add this beautiful gem to all your jewelry fashion.

    Choosing The February Birthstone

    Discover the beauty in the February birthstone and you'll soon agree that every amethyst ring has precious qualities that make it charming and unique.

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