Fig Leaves are Out and Art Deco Engagement Rings Are In!

#Tatiana Schlossberg of the NY Times fashion section wrote an article on 5/24/17 "Fig leaves are out and what to wear to be kind to the planet." Our collection of ethical engagement rings (featuring antique engagement rings and vintage engagement rings) is the perfect jewelry choice to be kind to our planet. We know that vintage rings are always ethical and conflict free. When consumers purchase Victorian or Edwardian jewelry, they are being kind to the environment. These rings were not made by digging up the earths surface to find precious metals. Mine cut, and european cut, diamonds are always conflict free, so they are not funding any wars in Africa. By not using underage labor, children can go to school to study to become doctors, or lawyers, or whatever they want to be. As Ms. Schlossberg said, let's be good to our planet by enjoying Art Deco engagement rings , which will also have a positive impact on our planet. Enjoy our rings!


Antique Aquamarine Ring

One way to have a positive impact on our planet is considering one of rings from our collection of antique aquamarine rings . This Art Deco ring features an 5.00 carat square cut, cool blue, aquamarine residing in a 14 kt two tone gold setting, circa 1930's. With a unique vintage look, aqua engagement rings remain classic and timeless. Fun Fact: Rose gold is a mixture of silver, gold and copper for a one of a kind look!

Antique Amethyst Ring

This showstopping antique engagement ring features a 5.00 carat deep purple, round cut amethyst. This gemstone is surrounded by seed pearls, all atop a two tone 14 kt setting circa 1930's. Our collection of antique amethyst rings, and alternative engagement rings , feature different hues of purple.


Art Deco Engagement Rings

Buying antique Art Deco engagement rings , or vintage diamond rings , will make a difference in helping save the environment. This sweet Art Deco ring features a petite .15 carat old European cut diamond, residing in a 1930's 14 kt white gold geometric square frame. It is flanked by 8 single cut diamond accents. Art Deco diamond rings are bold, and popular for their stunning geometric designs.


Vintage Diamond Rings

Fig leaves are out but vintage diamond rings are always in, and of course ethical. This ethical engagement ring features a .18 carat old European cut diamond residing in a classic 18 kt Art Deco architecture, circa 1930's. If you're shopping for true classic Art Deco diamond rings is the place to show your true Deco self!

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