Octagon Engagement Rings


      Octagon shaped engagement rings have a unique appearance unlike any other. There is an undeniable elegance to this style is sure to get you noticed. The geometric shape is delicate and charming, so if you dare to be different, this is the ideal shape for you. You will find your unique design within our beautiful and exclusive collection of vintage octagon engagement rings!

      Defining Traits

      Diamond rings showcasing an octagon shape are not as prevalent, or trendy as some other styles seen today. However, the allure of this style is that upon first glance, it seems round, yet the geometric shape surrounding the diamond lends itself to a beautiful enhancement, giving the ring a more compelling appearance.

      • Exceptional Style. During the Art Deco era, octagon shaped engagement rings were one of the many popular styles chosen to be worn, whether as a halo or with side stones.
      • Mythological Symbolism. In numerology, the octagon, or number 8, symbolizes self-confidence, inner strength, unity and our future life path.
      • Versatility Abound. The versatility of octagon rings allows them to be worn as an engagement on the left hand, or even worn on the ring hand as a cocktail ring.
      • Delicate Engravings. Whether adorned with old European cut diamonds, filigree or millegrain designs, vintage octagonal shaped engagement rings can be found with a multitude of gorgeous intricate details.

      Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

      There are many reasons you may choose an octagon shaped engagement ring. It is an absolutely unique, sophisticated setting, that also holds spiritual meaning. This is the perfect choice for the women who is comfortable in her own identity, wants to be slightly different, and thrives on understated elegance.

      52 products

      52 products