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Diamonds are the most popular and most traditional choice for an engagement ring, but they are far from the only option. Many couples are turning to non-diamond engagement rings for a variety of reasons, and there are many amazing and gorgeous rings available that are just as meaningful and momentous for this most special piece of jewelry.


Why Choose a Non-Diamond Engagement Ring?

Non-diamond engagement rings are becoming more and more popular with many couples, for many different reasons.


Cost – Depending on the ring’s design and quality, a non-diamond ring can be more affordable than an equivalent diamond engagement ring.

• Sustainability – Many non-diamond rings are more sustainable, eco-friendly options for couples who want to minimize the environmental impact of their jewelry.

• Conflicts – Because modern diamond rings may fund terrorist activities, human rights violations, or civil wars, non-diamond rings can be a conflict-free alternative.

• Uniqueness – Couples who want to stand out from the soon-to-be-married crowd may choose a non-diamond ring for more distinction and uniqueness.

• Personal Preference – While diamond engagement rings are classic and traditional, they aren’t required and couples can choose any non-diamond alternative they prefer.

Regardless of why a couple may want a non-diamond ring, there are many stunning options that can beautifully symbolize their commitment to each other.

Top 10 Non-Diamond Engagement Ring Trends

There are many different non-diamond choices that can be perfect engagement rings. The most popular and stunning trends for this jewelry include…

 Gemstone Ring

A gemstone ring can easily be the focal point of an engagement ring rather than a diamond. Sapphires, rubies, citrines and emeralds are all top choices, though any gem can bring a bit of color to the ring. If couples still want more sparkle, diamond side stones or accents easily add bling.


 Diamond Alternatives

If couples want the look of a diamond without an actual diamond, alternatives such as white or blue sapphire, moissanite, white topaz, aquamarine or blue zircon are lovely options that are similar to diamonds but without the potential conflicts of a traditional stone.


 Birthstone Ring

Choosing a specific birthstone ring can add more meaning to the engagement ring. The birthstone (or stones) might represent the couple, the date of the proposal, the date the couple met, the future wedding date, or any other significant moment.


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 Wedding Band

A couple might choose to switch the engagement ring and band, using the simpler, less expensive plain wedding band to symbolize the engagement while the flashier ring is presented at the wedding. A band could be a braid, twist, carving, or any other design without diamonds.


 Figural Rings

A figural engagement ring has a bold design such as a heart, flower, claddagh, infinity symbol, tree or other element as its focal point rather than a single stone. The design may be carved into metal, crafted with gemstones, or part of intricate metalwork.


Simple Engagement Ring

Simple engagement rings with words woven into the design are great alternatives to traditional engagement rings. The word could also be carved onto the surface or engraved on the interior, and may be a name, date, short phrase, or just “love” or “yes” for a bit of fun.


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 Knot Ring

A knot ring replaces any sort of stone as the ring’s focal point. A simple open or closed knot is ideal, or more elaborate knots, such as double knots or Celtic designs, can be used for event greater symbolism. Knots can be woven or carved as desired.


Vintage Ring

A vintage engagement ring may not incorporate diamonds, but it is rich in historic symbolism. These rings, from bands to gemstone rings to period pieces, are intricately designed, stunning choices as unique as any couple’s individual relationship.



For couples who may have trouble wearing a ring consistently – such as athletes, mechanics, military personnel, nurses, doctors, or anyone who may need to remove a ring regularly – a tattoo engagement ring is a great alternative that won’t be damaged or lost.


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 Unique Ring

A unique engagement ring may be a plain band highlighting the natural grain of the material, or may feature an inlay of metal, resin, lapis, turquoise, mother-of-pearl, or another material to add a touch of color or distinction.


Is a Non-Diamond Engagement Ring Right for You?

A non-diamond ring may be an edgy and unique choice to mark a couple’s engagement, but it is important to carefully consider multiple options before committing to such a unique ring. In time and after a trend fades, a bride-to-be might long for a more traditional ring, one that won’t cause confusion or questions when it is shown to family members and friends. A non-diamond ring may also require special care to stay looking its best, and it may be more difficult to match to a wedding ring if both rings will be worn together.

Ultimately, the choice of a non-diamond engagement ring is completely up to the couple, and can be a great way to incorporate individual values and preferences into a very personal and memorable ring that represents the couple, their love, and the life they hope to build together.


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