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Birthstones can be a beautiful choice to denote great meaning and symbolism in any jewelry, from a favorite signature piece to an engagement ring, anniversary ring, mother’s ring, or just because. But, while individual birthstones are often associated with specific colors, there are actually a rainbow of hues for many birthstones. Understanding birthstone colors gives you even more options for personalization with these very special stones, which can help you choose a birthstone ring that is right for you.


In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • Which Birthstones
  • 12 Best Birthstone Rings
  • January Birthstone - Garnet Colors
  • February Birthstone - Amethyst Colors
  • March Birthstone - Aquamarine Colors
  • April Birthstone - Diamond Colors
  • May Birthstone - Emerald Colors
  • June Birthstone - Alexandrite Colors
  • July Birthstone - Ruby Colors
  • August Birthstone - Peridot Colors
  • September Birthstone - Sapphire Colors
  • October Birthstone - Tourmaline Colors
  • November Birthstone - Topaz Colors
  • December Birthstone - Turquoise Colors
  • Why Birthstone Colors Vary?
  • Choosing a Birthstone Ring That is Right For Me

Which Birthstones?

Different months generally have more than one associated birthstone, often a “traditional” and a “modern” selection. The traditional stones have a wider variety of mineral selections, while the modern stones are all transparent gems that are easier to create lovely faceted designs with. Any of them can be beautiful choices, but it is the modern stones that typically have the greatest amount of color options and can cause the most confusion. 




12 Best Birthstone Rings

The first modern list of birthstones associated with specific calendar months was delineated in 1912 by the National Association of Jewelers, which chose different gemstones based on not only their beauty and appeal, but also on marketability and the projected ability to sell the stones to a broad audience. That list has been amended several times, most notably in 1952, 2002, and 2016, when new gems have come into fashion.

Today, there are several different birthstones associated with each month. Some lists reference guardian angels, zodiac symbols, or other significance. Regardless of the choice, multiple birthstones gives everyone great variety to choose the birthstone they prefer.

The most commonly accepted birthstones by month are:

January Birthstone – Garnet Colors

The garnet is a rich, deep red, most frequently found in darker shades for the classic birthstone coloration. These gems do vary from reddish-orange to purple-red hues, and can even be found in yellow-gold shades or the rarest color of all, green garnets. 


February Birthstone – Amethyst Colors

Iconically purple, amethyst actually ranges through the full spectrum of purple shades from deep, rich, royal purple to light lavender or lilac. Some stones will show blue or red undertones, and may even appear bluish or pinkish depending on the color intensity.  

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March Birthstone – Aquamarine Colors

Most often seen as a clear, watery blue, aquamarine is a typically delicate shade but can range in intensity from deep blue to nearly clear. Green tones or an intensely vibrant royal blue are the rarest shades of aquamarine gemstones. 




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April Birthstone – Diamond Colors

While clear or colorless diamonds are the most familiar, there is a whole rainbow spectrum of diamonds to choose from for the April birthstone. Yellow, black, blue, pink, gray, green, purple, red – there’s a diamond for every color preference, all with different vibrancies.  

May Birthstone – Emerald Colors

The emerald is a single-color gemstone only found in green hues, but those greens can vary. A rich, grassy green is the classic emerald shade, but these stones can have both lighter yellow tones as well as deeper blue shades mixed with the green. light to dark shades.


June Birthstone – Alexandrite Colors

Alexandrite is amazingly variable in different lights, ranging from purplish-red to greenish-blue, and even being noted as orange depending on the angle it is viewed. This makes it the perfect stone for ever-changing fashion preferences or celebrating different June occasions. 

July Birthstone – Ruby Colors

The ruby is a bright fiery red, and this is one birthstone that is not found in other strong colors. The exact red shade can vary, however, from pink tones to orange-red to purplish rubies, with some changes in color based on the intensity of the stone.  



August Birthstone – Peridot Colors

A cheerful, bright green, the peridot is radiant hue of yellow-green that can vary slightly in overall tone depending on how much yellow is present in the color of individual gems. This summer birthstone is always green, however. 

September Birthstone – Sapphire Colors

Sapphire is another of the surprisingly varied gemstones with a rainbow of colors to choose from. While rich, royal blue is the most familiar sapphire color, these birthstones also come in varying shades of gray, black, brown, yellow, orange, purple, green, pink, and colorless. 


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October Birthstone – Tourmaline Colors

One of the most unique gemstones, tourmaline comes in a range of solid shades – pink, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, orange – as well as two-tone gems that switch from one color to another in the same crystal, such as watermelon tourmaline that has both pink and green. 


November Birthstone – Topaz Colors

The autumn colors of topaz – orange, yellow, and brown – are most commonly associated with the November birthstone, but this lovely gem is also available in shades of red, pink, purple, blue, green, and colorless, giving every November occasion a special color of its own. 


December Birthstone – Turquoise Colors

Turquoise is the traditional rather than the modern December birthstone, but is lovely in its varying shades of blue from robin’s egg to sky blue, both of which might have either whitish or greenish tones. White, grey, black, and brown veining to varying degrees make this stone even more unique.  


Why Birthstone Colors Vary

It can be confusing when birthstones come in so many shades, but it is all due to the chemical composition of different gemstones, their crystalline structure, and how different gems may be classified. When different elements are present in a gem’s chemical makeup, that can change how the stone reflects light, therefore changing its overall color. How much of a different element, or where it is positioned in the crystal, or even how several elements may interact will all contribute to the visual color of a gem. 

Gemstones mined in different locations often become known for different colors or degrees of intensity in different shades. This is due to the chemical makeup of the mining region, which influences how the stones are formed over eons of time. Furthermore, the angle at which a gem is viewed and how precisely it may be cut can also change the perceived color. If a stone is cut to have more sparkle and let more light into its depths, it may be seen as a brighter or paler shade, or different undertones may be seen more strongly.

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Choosing a Birthstone Ring That is Right For Me? 

Ultimately, each birthstone ring showcases its unique and beautiful colors, and the choice of which one to select is a matter of personal preference. Whether you favor classic, familiar shades or prefer a more unique but equally symbolic color, the ring will be a lovely addition that you'll enjoy for many years to come.

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