Birthstone Rings


      We all know diamonds are the most popular choice of gemstone for an engagement ring, or other significant jewelry. However, vintage rings starring her birthstone have become popular among women who want their ring to be more unique while also having a personal meaning. The choice of birthstones range from clear to colorful, and each of the precious, and semi precious, gemstones make for truly gorgeous rings. If you’re looking for a unique birthstone ring browse our beautiful collection of  vintage engagement rings featuring your own birthstone.

      Birthstone Ring Designs

      If her birthday is in April, a diamond it is! However, today's bride is not necessarily yearning only for a diamond, she wants to express her individuality. Wearing her birthstone is the ideal way for her to do just that. Here are some interesting facts about birthstone engagement rings.

      • Birthstone Symbolism - Choosing your birthstone for your engagement ring is a way to set your new relationship apart, and give it special meaning and symbolism. Birthstones can harness creativity and distinctiveness as a couple.
      • Astrological Symbolism - Each gemstone corresponds to a certain month, or astrological alignment, and offers different benefits while wearing it, including spirituality, protection, and romance.
      • Healing Properties - It is believed that birthstones aid in health, and many cultures believe specific birthstones will ward off evil spirits, improve compassion, calmness, self confidence, and awareness.
      • Spectacular Colors - Look no further than the beautiful hues associated with each month to find pure colors of rubies, sapphires, amethysts, aquamarines, garnets and others gemstones. When combined with a delicate touch of milgrain and filigree designs, you have the ideal unique engagement ring.

      Find the Perfect Birthstone Ring

      As couples are embracing new unique traditions, a birthstone ring can make your declaration of love even more personal and romantic then years past. If your partner loves to show off jewelry, what better to flaunt her engagement ring than by explaining the significance of how the colorful gemstone came to be, while knowing it will be cherished for years to come.

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      232 products