Gem of the Month: Peridot

This summer has, of course, flown by too fast with August just ending. We love August because it allows us to go to the beaches and see there, if we're lucky, our gemstone of the month: our lovely friend peridot. Peridot is a member of the chrysolis family. The finest peridot is always of the color green, actually a deepish green. Peridot has been used throughout the vast majority of historic jewelry periods with remarked appearances on works from the Victorian, antique and Art Deco eras. Peridot has been used for antique engagement rings, art deco brooches, and vintage engagement rings. We find our favorite peridot jewels in antique brooches, such as the peridot lizard brooch. Another favorite peridot use is in Victorian engagement rings. Whichever one may enjoy, peridot is a big favorite of ours! 

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