Art Deco Rings vs. Victorian Rings: Whats the Difference? (2024)

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Both Art Deco engagement rings and Victorian engagement rings can be stunning options to represent a special couple’s commitment to one another, but what are the differences between the styles? How are both eras distinctive? Learning more about each jewelry era can help you more easily recognize each type of ring and choose which best fits your fashionable flair.


In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • Victorian Jewelry Era
  • Symbolism
  • Diamonds & Gemstones
  • Art Deco Jewelry Era
  • Bold Lines
  • Diamonds & Gemstones
  • 5 Best Art Deco and Victorian Engagement Rings
  • Art Deco Engagement Rings with Side Sapphire
  • Victorian Spinel & Diamond Halo Ring
  • Art Deco Solitaire Ring
  • Victorian Opal & Pearl Ring
  • Art Deco Emerald Engagement Ring
  • Which Era is Best For You?

Victorian Jewelry Era

The Victorian Era mirrored the reign of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, from 1837 to 1901. The era was noted for romanticism in design, and is also called the “Romantic” period. Classic symbols of romance infused all of fashion, including jewelry, such as love knots, vines, leaves, clovers, hearts, and luxurious curves. Roses and other flowers were used frequently to create messages and secret meanings in floriography – the language of flowers – and animals, particularly snakes, were also common symbols in Victorian era jewelry. ensures 



Victorian engagement rings are filled with sentiment and symbolism, most often crafted from the warm tones of yellow gold, though other metals could also be used. Romantic gems – opals, pearls, garnets, turquoise, rubies, emeralds, amethysts, and classic diamonds – are most common, and prong settings show off the stones with extra sparkle or luster. Halo settings are also popular in the era, especially as they give a floral-esque look to the gem settings, adding even more romance to the ring design. crystal '


 Diamonds & Gemstones

Stone shapes for Victorian engagement rings often include older, more antique cuts such as the rose cut or old mine cut, as well as smooth cabochons. Round stones are also common in the era, while extra details such as filigree add even more dimension and delicate detail.

Gemstones such as amethyst, with its regal purple hues, and garnet, known for its deep red or purplish-red tones, were highly favored. Turquoise, with its bright blue allure, and coral, in warm reddish-orange shades, were commonly used in brooches, cameos, and necklaces. Pearls were particularly prized for their natural luster and were often featured in necklaces, earrings, and brooches, adding a touch of elegance to the designs. Opals, admired for their unique play of colors, also found their place in rings and other fine jewelry. 


Art Deco Jewelry Era

The Art Deco Era is more recent, stretching from roughly 1910 into the 1930s or as far as 1945, depending on how different eras are classified. The most notable influences on fashion and jewelry in the Art Deco Era come from the “Roaring 20s” and the glitz and glamor of that decade. Vivid, bold colors and geometric symmetry are hallmarks of Art Deco jewelry, with large and flamboyant designs common for the era.


 Bold Lines 

Art Deco engagement rings tend to have sharper lines and straighter edges than their Victorian counterparts. Sharper stone shapes such as emerald cuts, asscher cuts, and baguette cuts are popular with Art Deco styles, often set in cool white metals, most often platinum or white gold. Of course, classic old mine and old European cut diamonds are always popular, in any era. 


 Diamonds & Gemstones

Diamonds are by far the most popular center stone for Art Deco rings, though they are often accented with colorful side stones or accents. The more glitter and fire in the ring, the better it fits with the era. Aquamarine is also a popular choice, but deeper colored stones tend to be used more as accents rather than center stones for engagement rings during the time period. Invisible settings that maximize the stones are characteristic of Art Deco engagement rings, with pave, bezel, and channel settings very common. Prong settings remain popular as well, though the center stone is often surrounded with elaborate detailing and geometry, so the prongs are not as noticeable.



5 Best Art Deco and Victorian Engagement Rings

There are many Art Deco and Victorian ring choices that can be perfect engagement rings. The most popular and stunning Art Deco and Victorian engagement rings include...

 Art Deco Engagement Ring with Side Sapphires

Choosing an Art Deco engagement ring featuring an Old European cut diamond combines the allure of vintage elegance with a timeless sense of romance and sophistication. Art Deco rings are renowned for their bold and intricate designs, incorporating a variety of gemstones and elaborate settings, including filigree work and milgrain detailing.  

 Art Deco Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring 1.16 Ct GIA J/SI1



Victorian Spinel & Diamond Halo Ring

A Victorian spinel & diamond halo ring combines historical charm, unique beauty, and exquisite craftsmanship. The combination of red spinel with a diamond halo creates a stunning contrast. The diamond halo enhances the central spinel, adding sparkle and drawing attention to the rich color of the spinel. This design exudes timeless elegance and sophistication.


 Art Deco Solitaire Ring

Choosing an Art Deco solitaire ring combines the elegance and sophistication of the Art Deco era with the timeless simplicity of a solitaire setting. The solitaire setting showcases a single, stunning gemstone, allowing its natural beauty to take center stage. This timeless design is both elegant and versatile, suitable for any occasion. 


 Victorian Opal & Pearl Ring

Opals and pearls were highly prized during the Victorian era. Opals are known for their mesmerizing play of color, with flashes of red, green, blue, and yellow that change with the light. Pearls, with their lustrous and classic appearance, add a touch of sophistication and elegance. 



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 Art Deco Emerald Engagement Ring

Art Deco rings possess a timeless appeal that transcends trends and fads. Emeralds, prized for centuries, are admired for their stunning beauty, durability, and rich symbolism. Choosing an Art Deco emerald ring allows you to capture the glamour and elegance of a bygone era, adding a touch of vintage charm and sophistication to your proposal. 



Which Era Is Best for You?

Both Victorian engagement rings and Art Deco engagement rings are beautiful, but as their styles are very different, it might be hard to choose which one you prefer. Trying on both styles can help highlight how their different features appear on the finger in question, including how their proportions work on the hand. Also take note of whether or not a wedding ring will be alongside the engagement ring, and if the two rings could safely be worn without damaging either one.

If you can’t quite decide between the two types of rings, just remember, you don’t necessarily have to choose. While one era could serve as an engagement ring, a ring from the other era could be a cocktail ring or other occasion ring to be worn whenever the mood strikes. The other ring could also be a beautiful choice for an anniversary ring or to commemorate another occasion. 

Victorian and Art Deco jewelry styles are each lovely and distinctive, and understanding how the two compare and what makes each unique can help you better choose exactly what type of antique engagement ring may suit you and your relationship best.


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