Yesterday my husband surprised me with a present, a new Iphone 7! He chose the rose gold color, and I love it! It made me think of how popular rose gold is becoming. It's the new "go to" color. Why not!? Rose gold is warm, and inviting, and goes with everything. Rose gold is a mixture of copper and gold. It was the preferred gold of Queen Victoria during the Victorian era. Queen Victoria loved rose gold in jewelry with mine cut diamonds, emeralds, aquamarines and garnets. As decades passed, the popularity of rose gold waned. However, during the 1940's, master jewelers started using rose gold again and introduced it together with yellow gold. They created a rosy yellow gold. During the war, the government put a stop on the use of platinum. This is what led jewelers to using rose gold. When servicemen came home from the war, and got engaged, rose gold and rosy yellow gold were used as the metal for their engagement rings. These are the rings we still adore today. If you want a stunning rose gold engagement ring with a Burma ruby, or just a three stone Victorian engagement ring, rose gold is always and inviting and versatile metal. Enjoy these 5 rose gold engagement rings !

Three Stone Rose Gold Ring

Three mine cut diamonds are always better than one, especially in this spectacular three stone engagement, or trinity, ring. This Victorian engagement ring was crafted in the late 1800's in 14 kt rose gold with a beautiful latticework design. Many couples today are looking for alternative engagement rings, and rose gold is becoming the "go to" color.

Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Inviting, warm, versatile, subdued, fresh, and lovely are all words used to describe rose gold. We couldn't agree more. This sweet rose gold engagement ring features a bright white antique mine cut diamond from the Victorian era. This ring was finely crafted in a warm 14 kt rose gold setting completed with beautiful filigree engravings. Fun Fact: Pink gold was also used to describe rose gold.

Victorian Engagement Ring

This gemstone engagement ring from the Victorian era features a natural .75 carat baguette cut purple tourmaline. This tourmaline is flanked by seed pearls, all residing in a warm and lovely rose gold ring completed with filigree embellishments. With an original rose gold diamond ring you can be assured that your ring is ethical and conflict free.

Rose Gold Wedding Ring

Why not pair your Victorian diamond ring with a beautiful rose gold, or rosy yellow gold, wedding band!? This estate diamond wedding band features 5 mine cut diamonds weighing approximately .75 carat, all residing in an early 1900's rosy yellow gold band. Fun Fact: Rose gold was Pantone's color of the year for 2016. Rose gold, or pink gold, is a wonderful choice and seems to be the trend. We think this trend will last.

1940's Engagement Ring

The 1940's was a time of war, and a time to protect the world from the Nazi invasion. The U.S government asked us all to help out by not using platinum. Rose gold, and rosy yellow gold, became the go to metal. Couples then chose petite engagement rings , and dainty diamond rings , with mine cut and single cut diamonds with beautiful beautiful filigree engraved settings. Couples today seem to be choosing the same!

Final Conclusion:

Couples are trending towards the beautiful rose gold color for their engagement rings and wedding bands. Which one is your favorite? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!