As I was having my up of coffee this morning, and put out my recyclables, I was thinking about Earth day this year. Earth day is April 22, 2017 and it really matters! There is so much each individual can do to protect our earth: protect the waters, the land, and the people who actually live on the earth. It doesn't matter who is in the presidential office, what matters is protecting the earth for our children and grandchildren. When a customer buys a piece of antique jewelry, or a vintage engagement ring, they are actually saving the earth and enriching lives. Buying an antique ring means no one is digging up the earth looking for more diamonds. No digging for dirty gold, and no one is using under age youth who should be in school. Not fighting wars in Africa. You are guaranteed that you are conflict free when purchasing antique diamonds, including european cut and mine cut diamonds. Give your children your antique rings and tell them stories they should know about their parents and grandparents. What journeys they have traveled. Let's spend a few minutes with our children to talk about about the importance of recycling. Please help save our earth! Enjoy earth day, with these 4 estate engagement rings we think you will love.

Gemstone Engagement Ring

Queen Victoria loved engagement rings and gemstones. This gemstone engagement ring features an ethical emerald cut garnet, residing in a beautiful 14 Kt rose gold victorian ring, circa late 1800's. All of our unique gemstone engagement rings are ethical and conflict free. They highlight gems including garnets, opals and zircons.

Art Deco Engagement Rings

Art Deco engagement rings are like pieces of art. They feature beautiful handmade filigree engravings made by master jewelers during the 1930's. Today jewelers use computer simulations, and molds, trying to recreate our past beautiful rings. Purchasing an alternative engagement ring with mine cut diamonds and european cut diamonds guarantees that your ring will help save childrens lives!

Ruby Engagement Rings

Ruby engagement rings are the perfect alternative when purchasing a vintage ring. This Vintage ruby ring, from the 1960's, features a natural, ethical .50 carat Burma ruby in two tone gold. Fun Fact: Ruby is a variety of the mineral corundum.

Vintage Engagement Rings

This simply stunning ring features a .55 carat european cut diamond, flanked by six single cut diamond accents, all residing in a platinum setting . Unique vintage engagement rings showcase mine cut diamonds, garnets and aquamarines in platinum and rose gold.

Final Thoughts:

Please let's all do our part and help save the earth!