If your birthday falls in August, you're in luck! Your birthstone is the stunning, semi-precious, gemstone the peridot! As we have written, green is the Pantone's color of the year for 2017. As Vanessa Friedman stated in her wonderful article, green will be everywhere in 2017. This beautiful semi precious gemstone is one of the hottest gemstones today. Peridot is part of the Chrysolite family, and is a combination of magnesium and iron. It is known for it's beautiful green hues. The Peridot's popularity began in ancient Egypt. They were originally thought to be emeralds and were used to banish evil. Alternative engagement ring customers love the beautiful shades of the natural green color, with the finest stone being a rich shade of green. The Peridot comes in various shapes, and can be seen in many different types of jewelry, such as engagement rings, diamond necklaces and diamond brooches. They come from incredible eras in history including Art Deco, Victorian and the Mid Centuries. The peridot's legend is one of love and marriage, and the lore is that it can help with stomach problems. Our collection of peridot engagement rings, and non-diamond rings, is always from estates which guarantees that they are ethical and conflict free. So let's wish happy August birthday to the great semi precious gemstone, the Peridot!

Antique Peridot Engagement Ring

This stunning antique peridot ring features a 1.00 carat natural peridot surrounded by rose cut and single cut diamond accents, all residing in a 14 kt rose gold Victorian engagement ring!

Victorian Peridot Ring

One of Queen Victoria's favorite semi precious gemstones was the peridot, with its beautiful green hue. This stunning Victorian engagement ring features a 1.50 carat round cut natural peridot residing in a 10 kt rose gold setting, circa late 1800's. Fun Fact: peridot comes in many different shades of green including lime green, olive green and a deep rich green color!

Final Thoughts:

Happy Birthday to one of our favorite semiprecious gemstones, the peridot!