Antique Rings


      Antique rings, with their timeless elegance and historical significance, have captivated jewelry enthusiasts and romantics alike for generations. These exquisite pieces of jewelry, often crafted with meticulous artistry and featuring unique designs, offer a glimpse into the past while representing enduring love, commitment, and individuality. Learn more about antique rings, and find the perfect antique ring for your loved one in our extensive yet carefully curated collection.

      About Antique Rings

      Antique rings are a captivating category of jewelry cherished for their historical significance, exquisite craftsmanship, and the stories they carry. These rings span various eras, each with its unique design aesthetics, materials, and symbolic meanings.

      Antique Ring Designs

      The choice of an antique ring often reflects a desire for individuality and a connection to the past. Whether selected as engagement rings, wedding bands, or statement pieces, antique rings offer a sense of authenticity and character that modern jewelry may not replicate.

      • Old European Cut Diamonds - Old European Cut diamonds were prominently featured in antique rings, particularly during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Old European Cut diamonds are known for their unique faceting pattern with a high crown, smaller table facet, and a large culet.
      • Lustrous Metals - Platinum was the most common metal used in the Art Deco era. Rose gold experienced a resurgence in popularity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. During World War II, platinum became scarce due to its strategic importance in the war effort. As a result, white gold became a popular alternative to platinum. Yellow gold was popular in the "Retro" era of jewelry design, which roughly spanned from the 1940s through the 1950s.
      • Rare Gemstones - Colored gemstones were chosen in antique rings for their symbolic meaning and sentimental value. Antique rings with rare or unusual colored gemstones are highly collectible among jewelry enthusiasts and collectors. 
      • Bold Settings - Antique settings are typically rich in intricate details, such as elaborate metalwork, filigree, engraving, and milgrain edging. These details showcase the craftsmanship of the era and add depth and texture to the jewelry. For a bold personality and statement about the future, these rings are a time-honored and decisive choice.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      These precious pieces are prized not only for their beauty but also for their exquisite attention to detail. If you’re looking for a antique ring with a sense of glamour, sophistication and vintage charm, explore our collection of antique rings today.

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      189 products