Semi Precious Gemstone Rings


      Semi precious gemstone rings are the perfect option if you yearn for something other than a traditional diamond engagement ring. Each semi precious gemstone has its own charm, yet still encompasses all of the beauty of a classic white diamond, while being unique. Enjoy browsing our original collection of semi precious engagement rings, choose that perfect gemstone and feel confident showing your individuality while feeling glamorous.

      Defining Traits

      Every gemstone other than the traditional four "precious" one of diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires, are considered semi precious. Some of these precious gems include aquamarine, garnet, moonstone, zircon and turquoise. However, experts have proven there is no real scientific evidence proving there is any real separation.

      • Historic Gemstone - Many semi precious gemstones are more valuable, and sought after, than traditional precious gems.
      • Crystal Structure - Gemologists have discovered that there is no difference between some gemstones that are precious, and those that are classified as semi precious.
      • Rare Gemstones - Red beryl, ammolite, tanzanite and alexandrite have been found to be much more rare than any traditional precious gemstone.
      • Semi Precious Gemstones - In years past, other gems such as pearls, opals and amethysts have been classified as precious, yet each was eventually re-designated as semiprecious.

      Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

      All gemstones are precious. Whichever semi precious gemstone ring you choose, will have a special connection with you for a lifetime. Every gemstone engagement ring is exquisite. Discover the unique beauty of gemstone rings and add a special sparkle to your appearance.

      11 products

      11 products