Vintage Dinner Rings


      Antique dinner rings made their debut when prohibition ended in 1933 and cocktail parties evolved into chic dinner parties.  Women treated themselves to these rings so that they could flaunt their fashionable independence and control. Traditionally worn on the right hand, dinner rings featured favored gemstones such as emeralds, garnets and aquamarines often set with glittering diamond accents. Consider one of our exclusive antique dinner rings to wear for that special occasion, or slip it on every day for that incomparable feeling of pleasure and self confidence.

      Defining Traits

      Historically, dinner rings reached their pinnacle during the 1940's-1950's, and although they were not as fashionable over the next 2 decades, they saw a grand resurgence during the 1980's and remain immensely popular today.

      • Historic Symbolism - Dinner rings were the quintessential symbol of freedom, independence and self reliance.
      • Gemstones Galore - Gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, aquamarines, garnets, citrines and zircon took center stage in opulent dinner rings.
      • Elegance and Glamour - The long style of "North to South" dinner rings became quite popular while traditionally being worn on the right hand.
      • Fantastic Eras - Dinner rings began to take prominence during the Art Deco era and continued its popularity throughout the Retro era.

      Find the Perfect Dinner Ring

      Dinner rings were, and continue to be, bold and glamorous statement pieces worn as a reflection of your own style and personality. Whether long, narrow and delicate, or bright bold and opulent, there are many variations of the antique dinner ring. No matter which you choose, you are sure to exude confidence and poise while feeling glamorous whenever you put it on.

      43 products

      43 products