Engagement Rings Under $1500


      If you’re looking for engagement rings for under $1500, but don’t want to sacrifice quality or beauty, vintage jewelry is a way to find an estate ring of your dreams at an affordable price. You can add your love story to a piece of vintage jewelry’s history, and pass it down through your family as an heirloom for the next generation.

      Different periods have different styles and moods. Victorian jewelry often has more colored stones, including semiprecious gems like garnets, amethysts, and moonstones that offer high quality for lower prices. Edwardian and Art Deco designs feature intricate metalwork that makes a perfect setting for affordable diamonds. These design trends are beautiful and provide a range of choices of engagement rings for under $1500. With our wide selection, you can find the perfect engagement ring at any price range you wish. Browse our styles today, or talk to one of our experts for advice on periods, style, stones, or anything else you need to know about what will soon be a part of your family history.

      266 products

      266 products

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