1900s Engagement Rings


      The early 20th century is an undeniably chic time period that continues to capture the imagination of romantics everywhere. If you are looking for an engagement ring that is both breathtaking and undeniably sophisticated, browse our bespoke collection of 1900’s engagement rings today

      Early 1900’s Engagement Rings

      The jewelry period from 1901 to 1910 is referred to as the Edwardian Era, a moniker that references the decade-long reign of British monarch King Edward VII. While the Victorian Era is recognized for its modesty, opulence, and rigid social constructs, the Edwardian Era showcases a distinct change in attitude. Fashion and jewelry remained opulent but became a bit more effortless overall. This relaxed sense of refinement makes engagement rings from this time period exceptionally exquisite to behold.

      Design Characteristics

      1900’s engagement rings are show-stopping pieces that continually make a statement. While a range of styles are included within our collection, there are some prominent design trends from this period:

      • Shimmering Platinum Settings - Platinum was the most popular material for engagement ring settings during this period. You’ll find many rings from this era which include shimmering silver-toned settings.
      • Fabulous Filigree - Delicate metalwork sets styles from the early 1900’s apart from all others. Filigree and milgrain accents are hallmarks of jewelry designs from this era.
      • Decadent Diamonds - Diamonds became more and more popular during this period. Sometimes paired with pearls or other colorful gemstones, there are many early 1900’s rings that showcase exquisite antique diamonds.
      • Light & Luxurious - Jewelry from the Edwardian Era features delicate patterns that mimic the look of lace, often set with dazzling diamonds with plenty of sparkle.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      The early 1900’s are a moment in time that will never be recreated. Undeniably sophisticated, any tastemaker who wants to celebrate the past will love showing off an engagement ring that hails from this era. Treat her to a luxurious style that will take her breath away by shopping our curated collection of 1900’s engagement rings.

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      34 products